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A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect until 6pm Tuesday for the cities of New Hampton,Waverly, Grundy Center and Parkersburg.  Most of Eastern Iowa will have showery weather through Monday.

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Mandatory Evacuation Issued for Parts of Rural Johnson County

Updated: Saturday, June 1 2013, 08:20 PM CDT

JOHNSON COUNTY, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28)--Earlier today, mandatory evacuations were ordered for residents in rural Johnson County.

One of them is for sand road south east where Judy Stebral and her husband have lived for 50 years.

She says she gets a feeling of deja vu every time she sees the flood waters in her backyard.

"When it happened in '93, you think it won't happen again and 15 years later 08 it did and here we are again five years later,” she said.

While the Stebrals say they are not going to evacuate yet, they also say they are prepared and have plans already in place if the flood waters continue rise.

"If we feel we need to leave we will. Absolutely if we don't have any other choice but we feel right now we have a choice, even though they are saying mandatory,” Stebral said.

She has even started placing markers on her water filled backyard to monitor the levels of the water.

"It is hard, I have to admit it really is hard to be here but what other choice do we have at this stage in our life."

 People who are out of their homes can get help through the united way of Johnson county disaster services.

Right now, they are set up in the Johnson County Fairgrounds, for better response.

Mandatory Evacuation Issued for Parts of Rural Johnson County

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