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Johnson County Mandatory Evacuations

Updated: Tuesday, June 4 2013, 07:52 AM CDT

IOWA CITY, Iowa (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- When the water isn't knee deep at River front estates...


"It's a beautiful view, its a beautiful place to be, its beautiful recreational opportunities in Johnson county," resident Diane Thayer said.


Diane Thayer owns a part time home in the River front neighborhood, but the only way she and others can get out there now is by boat.


"Residents as you can see in the background have boats here so they will take brief trips to their houses to see what's happening there," Thayer said.


The neighborhood is one of several in Johnson County under mandatory evacuation, because of scenes like the one over on Izaak Walton Road where river is gushing into the road.


"Things are gonna get better, they always do, gotta look for the bright side," resident Larry Hugen said.


Its perspective you may say he has earned.


"[It's] my fourth flood," Hugen said. "I think in 91 it came over our road...2008 was the worst"


Back in the early 90's he built his home higher, essentially flood proofing it.


"It's only got 2 1/2 foot of water in the garage, so I'm not concerned with that," Hugen said.


He is still searching for his pets, however.


"I'm still missing two out of five cats."


All he and others can do now is wait until the water recedes.


"You don't know all the time what's happening there, that's almost worse than knowing what is happening," Thayer said.



Johnson County Mandatory Evacuations

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