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Iowa River Flooding Small Town of Koszta

Updated: Wednesday, May 29 2013, 10:29 PM CDT

KOSZTA, IA (CBS2/FOX28) - The small, unincorporated town of Koszta has a big problem.


"A lot of it is just fear of not knowing what's going to happen," resident Teresa Claeys said.


Claeys is bracing herself, as the Iowa River knocks on her front door.


"So far we haven't had water in the house, our garage has water in it."


With the water creeping up halfway to her knees, even the task of getting to work in the morning has been made more difficult.


"There's just not been anybody out and about, we've seen a few trucks in passing but everybody's just stayed put or they're not here," Claeys said.


Larry Schafbuch has watched the scene unfold in his neighborhood.


"It's just bad, that's all I can say," Schafbuch said. "I mean there's a lot of people losing a lot of stuff."


As far as his property goes, he's not panicking.


"I knew it was flooded here so I built my house up, it don't bother me."


He actually spent Wednesday afternoon planting peppers outside his home.


"It'll be good if it rains on them and everything," Schafbuch said.


The same rain that helps the peppers grow could affect his livelihood, but he's confident from where he sits.


I've never seen it this high and I don't think it will get this high...but I could be wrong."


With more rain on the way, to some the future of tiny Koszta is in doubt.


"I have a feeling we're all going to be gone from here, and I'm just not sure what we'll come back to when we get back,"Claeys said.


According to forecasts, the Iowa River near Koszta is expected to crest at 20.2 feet at 7pm Thursday.

Iowa River Flooding Small Town of Koszta

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