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Iowa Officer Accidentally Shot Weapon

Updated: Thursday, July 24 2014, 07:44 AM CDT
POLK COUNTY, IA (CBS2/FOX28) - The Polk County Sheriff's Department says it was an accident when a deputy who shot his gun into a car.
Police video shows that the chase ended with a deputy firing his weapon.
On Sunday, officers chased down a car after another driver called 911 to report it was swerving and nearly hit other cars.
The driver didn't stop right away and when he finally did, officers got out of their car with their weapons drawn.
The deputy's gun went off right after that, hitting the passenger side door of the car, no one was hurt.
Investigators believe the driver of that vehicle 24-year-old Steven Schulte was having some kind of a medical emergency.
He was taken into custody and transported to the hospital.
It's unclear what actions, if any, will be taken against the reserve deputy who fired the shot. 
Iowa Officer Accidentally Shot Weapon

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