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Healthcare Exchange Scams

Updated: Tuesday, October 1 2013, 10:37 PM CDT
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) -- There's a lot of confusion floating around about Obamacare: "Democrats say one thing and the Republicans say the other -- and who knows?" said Muscatine resident Bill Tobias.

And there are plenty of people on Twitter who thinks Obamacare is a scam in itself, but financial adviser Mike Foley said those aren't the people you should worry about.

"Con artists are contacting people by email, by telephone, even going door to door, and threatening them that they need to sign up for the new Affordable Care Act," Foley said.

It's something that doesn't surprise many people.

"I think there's always a small percentage out there that will game the system, so I"m sure there will be," said Ann Ruske.

Still, Foley said there are five major scams people should watch out for.

First, scam artists saying people need a new insurance card, or else they can't get treatment.

Second, con artists will also try to tell Medicare patients they need a new Medicare card.

"That's a scam. You do not need new insurance cards," Foley said.

Third, look out for anyone demanding a fee for giving out advice. The only people authorized to give advice on the law are trained by the federal government -- and give out advice for free.

The fourth and fifth scams involve signing people up for a fake insurance plan, or a fake medical discount plan. Con artists mike ask for a Social Security or bank account number, Foley said.

"And also asking for cash transfers to make their first premium payment. Those are all scams," Foley said.

Healthcare Exchange Scams

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