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Fiery Crash On I-80 Sends Several To Hospital

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:14 PM CDT

UPDATE:  Iowa State Patrol say two people were injured in a crash on I-80 near Williamsburg on Tuesday. 

    Troopers say 55 year old Jerry Sturdevant of Eagleville, MO didn't notice traffic stopped from a previous accident.  His vehicle and trailer hit a semi, and a Kia Optima.  Both Sturdevant's vehicle, and the semi caught fire.

  Sturdevant, and the driver of the Kia were treated for their injuries. Police say both lives were saved by using seat belts.



IOWA COUNTY, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- Late Tuesday evening, you could still smell the smoke in the air at mile marker 205 on I-80 westbound, about 30 miles west of Iowa City. That is where the charred remains of 2 semis sit after a fiery accident.

“I kept hearing pops and could definitely tell something was exploding,” witness Nicole Elmore said.

Elmore, who just dropped her son home at the time, caught the entire scene on her cellphone.

“There were pieces of things everywhere, so you didn't know what was gonna come at you,” Elmore said. “I was shaking the closer I got…it was a lot.”

It was an overwhelming sight for anybody traveling along the busy highway, which soon resembled a parking lot for miles.

Employees at a nearby business could hear the commotion just outside their door.

“Just boom after boom it was kinda scary actually,” witness Jacob Exline said.

Exline was among those to step out and witness the scene.

“Really big flames, like a bonfire type was huge, big black smoke,” Exline said.

He and other bystanders say one of the trailers appeared to be carrying motorcycles, and the popping noise may have been the motorcycle tires

However all concern was with the more valuable human cargo inside the two semis and the car involved.

“The one semi I saw the guy get out, but the other I didn't see anyone get out, so I don't know if he made it or not,” Exline said.

“I heard that everybody got out OK, but I really hope,” Elmore said. “I'm praying for the families.”

According to reports, 4 people were injured in the crash. Two of them were children. There’s no word yet on their condition, or the official cause of the crash.

Fiery Crash On I-80 Sends Several To Hospital

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