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Entrepreneur Starts Curbside Glass Recycling

Updated: Monday, August 18 2014, 11:32 AM CDT
(CBS2/FOX28) - Curbside recycling might seem like a really convenient
way to do your part, but a surprising 50 percent of people in Iowa City
who pay for the service don't use it.

One small impedement is
that the city's curbside does not accept glass, but a clever
entrepreneur to starting to pick up glass from people's homes for a
small fee.

Evan Hartley, the founder of IC Glass Recycling, said
his newly-formed small business is growing, and the city is actually on
board with it.

There are several places within Iowa City where
anyone can recycle glass easily, the East Side Recycling Center is one.
But that extra step could be causing people just to trash their glass.

think people who are really motivated are gonig to bring their
materials, clear glass and brown and green, here, but for people who
maybe aren't as motivated, or have a hard time getting out of the house,
IC Glass (Recycling) is a great opportunity for them," said Iowa City
recycling coordinator Jennifer Jordan.

That's where Hartley comes in: "It's been my dream to own a business for a long time," he said.

who teaches middle school during the week, realized there was a need
for glass pick up, and saw his chance. On Saturdays, he and his wife
drive around Iowa City picking up canvas bags full of glass, and
anything else that cannot go in a blue bin.

IC Glass Recycling
will even pick up glass and other recyclables from your front door, so
you don't have to drag the bag to the curb. Hartley is hoping, by giving
people a convenient option for what doesn't go in the blue bin to be
recycled, it won't end up in the trash.

"You see glass and
things that should be recycled in the trash all the time. For me, it
just makes sense to (do this). Of course you should recycle, if you have
the chance," he said.

Having the chance is as easy as signing up for the service. Simply fill out the contact form on and Hartley will send you a link to their Pay Pal site.

service is $8 for once a month pick up, and $10 to go bi-weekly.
Hartley will even send customers text message reminders the night
before. Entrepreneur Starts Curbside Glass Recycling

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