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DNR Urges Boaters to Stay Off Lake, River

Updated: Tuesday, June 4 2013, 07:55 AM CDT
JOHNSON COUNTY, IA (CBS2/FOX28) -- For some folks, staying off the Coralville Reservoir during the flood just isn't going to happen.

One boater, a man named Dennis, drove an hour and a half to hit the water, and he wasn't letting the higher lake levels keep kill his motor.

Experienced boaters like Dennis might be OK, but Shawn Meier with the Department of Natural Resources wishes people would just wait until the water goes down.

"Don't put yourself at risk, or don't put someone else who has to save you at risk," Meier said.

There's already a boating ban south of the dam, but Meier said there could be unsafe stuff floating around anywhere.

And while boaters might think they know what kind of debris is out there, Meier said the biggest objects might lie just below the surface.

"You don't know if you've got a parked car, you don't know if you've got a large tree that's three, or maybe even hazardous LP tanks or something to that effect," said Meier.

That makes activities like water skiing and tubing more dangerous.

"It's going to  cause injuries, and we don't want that. We want everybody to be safe," Meier said.

More cautious boaters tend to agree.

"This is about the only ramp you could put in at this time, and there's a lot of debris floating in the water, so, I probably wouldn't even put in," said boater Tim Bruner.

For people like him, it's better safe than sorry.

The Coralville Reservoir is still open for boating north of the dam, but the road going over the dam will be closed Monday at 10 p.m. DNR Urges Boaters to Stay Off Lake, River

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