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Dad Home from Afghanistan, Suprises Son at School

Updated: Wednesday, May 29 2013, 09:18 AM CDT
WATERLOO (CBS 2/ FOX 28)--10-year-old Anthony Segebarth thought he was getting ready for a school assembly Tuesday afternoon.
Instead, he got something he'd been missing for almost a year.
His father James Segebarth surprised him in front of hundreds of students at Bender Elementary school. Segebarth had been deployed to an airbase in Afghanistan since July 2012. 
"I missed him since it's been a long time away from him," said the fourth grader. 
Right now Anthony lives in Waterloo with his grandparents. His father, who's been back since April and lives in Montana, wanted to wait until the end of the school year to give his son a homecoming he'd never forget. 
"I wanted to make it special for Anthony because it's been hard on him," Segebarth said. 
Arranged by Anthony's grandfather and his fourth grade teacher, the reunion also took the airman by surprise who was greeted by signs and music, thanking him for his service.
"What a better thing to do than to surprise dad," said fourth grade teacher Alex Hansen.
"We started making banners and all sorts of stuff, the kids didn't know what it was about. They thought we were making banners for the Honor Flight."
And after close to a year of being a part, both dad and son look forward to they're favorite pastime.
"I guess we're going fishing,” Segebarth said. 
Anthony will be reunited with his mom and sister in Montana by next week.
Dad Home from Afghanistan, Suprises Son at School

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