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CR Launches Sewage Study

Updated: Friday, September 19 2014, 11:00 AM CDT
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (AP) -- Cedar Rapids has launched a pilot study aimed at preventing sewage from backing up into residents' basements.  

The $280,000 study is scheduled to be completed in the fall. City officials say some residents are struggling with sewage oozing from basement drains when there's a heavy rain. They say 122 backups happened during heavy rainfall at the end of June.   

Officials say the sewers become overwhelmed when water enters the system where it's not supposed to through cracks or pipes. They say they will take videos of sewer lines and check water pumps. The council will use the information to help determine how to address the problem.   

The city is conducting the pilot study in the Kenwood Park Neighborhood, which city engineers call a problem area.

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