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All Hands on Deck as Manchester Residents Fight Back Against Flood Waters

Updated: Thursday, May 30 2013, 01:38 PM CDT
(CBS2/FOX28) MANCHESTER, Iowa – You don’t have to look far in the City of Manchester to see there is a flooding problem. Along the Maquoketa River outdoor recreation areas have been covered in high waters and rapids. Take a trip downtown to West Main Street and many of the local businesses are surrounded by flood waters too. It’s a scene that is taking an emotional toll on those who live in the City.

“It’s depressing,” said Echo Staton, who tells us she used to work at the Burger King now partially covered in water.

It may be a sad situation but residents are working with the City to fight back against the flood waters as many are volunteering their time to assemble sand bags.

“It’s a great community,” said Chad Eschen of the Streets Department. “We got some local business owners and things that are helping out but, yup, it’s a lot of help.”

If you or someone you know are a Manchester resident and are in need of sand bags, officials with the City say you can call 563-927-4011,or, you can also stop by the Streets Department located at 324 South 3rd Street in Manchester for more information.

CBS 2’s Josh Scheinblum reports. All Hands on Deck as Manchester Residents Fight Back Against Flood Waters

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