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Governors News Conference 7/18/2013

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 02:06 PM CDT
28) -- Governor Terry Branstad addressed concerns regarding speeding by
troopers transporting him and Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds.
   It all
stems from a report of an SUV traveling at a high rate of speed in
northern Iowa back in April.  When a state trooper approached the
vehicle, it had unregistered plates and was not stopped.  Governor
Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds were in that SUV which was driven by a
state trooper.
   Thursday, the Governor reiterated that no one is
above the law, and today ordered his security detail to obey all traffic
laws with the exception of an emergency situation. 
Branstad also called on the Attorney General to request the attorney for
fired Special Agent Larry Hedlund released the full report into his
dismissal.  Hedlund was placed on administrative leave shortly after
reporting the speeding vehicle carrying the Governor and was later
   Hedlund's attorney claims his client was wrongfully
terminated.  But the Governor says if the entire report was made public,
it would show that the incident in April had nothing to do with
Hedlund's termination.
   Governor Branstad also called for a review
of the thousands of license plates issued in Iowa that are not
registered.  Those plates go to vehicles for a variety of state
agencies.  Branstad said the current number of plates is unacceptable
and should only be permitted in appropriate cases.Governors News Conference 7/18/2013

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