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Live Healthy America in Iowa!

Updated: Friday, May 10 2013, 09:23 AM CDT
one thing to make the January resolution to live healthier, lose weight
and exercise more. It’s
another to do it. Hy-Vee and a dozen of our favorite national food
brands are teaming up with Live Healthy America to be your pit crew to
keep you going past Super Bowl Sunday. Johnson Ave. Hy-Vee dietitian,
Judy Fitzgibbons, wants to excite viewers about this
terrific way to drive away the winter doldrums and arrive at spring
feeling healthier and happier.

The 10-week Live Health America Challenge starts January 28th
and provides the tools and motivation to put and keep you on the road to
a healthier lifestyle. For just $20, you may change your life! And,
it’s so easy:

Form a team of 2 to 10 family members, work colleagues, church members, neighbors or whoever else you can get together.

Choose a team name and team captain

Get a discount coupon at www.hy-vee.com
or at your favorite Hy-Vee and save $5 on registration

Register your team online at www.livehealthyamerica.org

Start eating healthier and moving more with recipe ideas and workout plans on the Live Healthy America website.

Why join the challenge?
 Join in a little friendly competition

Save $5.00 off the registration fee at Hy-Vee

Wear a cool Live Healthy Workout T-shirt

Weekly e-mails motivate you to meet your goals

Hundreds of recipes

Videos and workout plans

One-year subscription to a lifestyle magazine ($7 value)

Track your nutrition and activity online

Receive discounts on healthy food items

10.  Win
cool stuff by logging your weekly progress online

Take the challenge!
Live Healthy America in Iowa!

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