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CBS 2 Heroes - McKinley AmeriCorps

Updated: Thursday, March 20 2014, 05:24 PM CDT
One history and economics major plus one statistics major equals student
success at McKinley Middle School.  Americorps  members Emily Jeffries
and Claire Stevens didn't know each other before taking on the
assignment as math teacher assistants at McKinley.  One from upstate New
York and one from rural Iowa, the two make a powerful team.  Teacher
Mary Reynolds says, "It's just been unbelievable.  Such a big help to
all of us."  She continues, "There's a different relationship between
the member and student than I have with the student.  It's just as
valuable and just as important."
     Jeffries and Stevens have
success stories of their own to share when they take their next
assignment.  Both have seen marked changes in their students.  While
they may not consider their work heroic, Mrs. Reynolds disagrees,
"They're not trained teachers.  They're young people out of college who
think this is important.  They ARE my heroes."CBS 2 Heroes - McKinley AmeriCorps

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