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Connects Against Crime

Connects Against Crime

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Connects Againsts Crime: Iowa City Man Arrested for Stealing 2 Cabs at Gunpoint

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:16 PM CDT

IOWA CITY, IA (CBS2/FOX28) -- These are the snapshots, a dented bumper, a broken light, a stolen cab and Police say it all involves this man, 22-year-old Bruce Austin. 

"Iowa City Police detail in a criminal complaint Austin's taxi cab robbing spree started when he called for one at an apartment off Highway 6, the driver drove Austin to Market street where he was robbed of his money, phone and cab at gun point."

"After that incident, I think it was about 1-20 in the morning we received a report of a yellow cab driver who had been robbed at gunpoint," says Coralville Police Chief Barry Bedford. 
This time police say Austin led them on a chase on the Coralville strip and where quick thinking officers stopped him.

"Another officer was able to get in position and put out some stop sticks which deflated the passenger side tire of the cab," says Bedford. 

The chase continued toward the Lowe's, there cornered, Austin made one more attempt to get away. In the process he ran into this police car but didn't make it very far.

"A loaded weapon was recovered and it seems to match the Iowa City robbery and ours," Bedford said. 

Tonight, Austin remains in the Johnson County Jail where police say he won't committ anymore armed robberies again. 

Connects Againsts Crime: Iowa City Man Arrested for Stealing 2 Cabs at Gunpoint

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