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Connects Against Crime: University of Iowa Police Add Motorcycles to Aid in Campus Safety

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:16 PM CDT

IOWA CITY, IA (CBS2/FOX28) -- The University of Iowa Police Department gets two new additions to it's police fleet.

"So it's not your typical Harley Davidson riding down the road," says Captain Loren Noska with the University of Iowa Police. 

The typical Harley doesn't have flashing blue lights or a siren, but police motorcycles do.

"Going from a squad car onto a motorcycle," Noska said.
University of Iowa Police are doing just that.

Iowa City can quickly become full of people and cars, especially on game days, University Police believe that the motorcycles will not only help them with crowd control but will also cut down on response times to emergency calls.

"We'll integrate them into our football operations plan, you know when a hundred thousand people come to Iowa City for a home football game, Iowa City streets can be kind of ugly," says Capt. Noska. 

The idea has been in the works for two years and the new additions make the department the first in the Corridor area to use motorcycles.

"The plan for our motorcycles, our motorcyle officers is that they will do everything a normal police officer in a squad car would do," Noska said. 

Right now officers are  training before the bikes hit the road but come November you'll start seeing them in action on campus.

"If it's not raining, snowing, or ice on the road, our goal is to have them out on the road 24-7," says Noska.

The bikes would also keep the wear and tear down of how much money is spent on standard patrol cars.
It's also a more fuel efficent way to tackle crime.

Connects Against Crime: University of Iowa Police Add Motorcycles to Aid in Campus Safety

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