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Connects Against Crime: Protecting Your Home While On Vacation

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:16 PM CDT
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS 2/FOX 45) -- Your tickets are punched and the destination is set, but are your forgeting to safeguard your home when you leave to go on vacation?

"We make sure all the doors are locked, make sure all the keys are put away for all the cars," said traveler Jeffery Miller, who was on his way to Florida Thursday at the Eastern Iowa Airport.

However, not everyone is as cautious. As spring break travel picks up, thieves look to get in your home.

"Most crime is based on opportunity, and we really want to take away the opportunities," said Officer Jorey Bailey with the Iowa City Police Department.

Bailey says some travelers often make their homes obvious targets.

He says the number one mistake people make on vacation is not locking their doors, something he says should come as common sense.

"We get calls on a daily basis of people walking down the street checking doors," Bailey said.

Overall, you should give the appearance that you never even left at all.

"Making your house look occupied is important," Bailey said.

He says that starts with a few simple steps.

"Not letting the newspaper or mail pile up either in the mailbox or you front door, making sure your lights are on at night."

Your pets can also help.

"If you have a pet, have your pet cared for at home so someone comes to your home on a daily basis," Bailey said.

If you're leaving behind a key for a neighbor, don't make it obvious for a burglar.

"They look under the front mat, they look behind the flower pot or that fake stone in the flower bed."

Officer Bailey also says be wary of Geo-tagging your location in pictures on Facebook while you're on vacation. Potential thieves can use that to see you're not home. Instead, he reccomends you wait until you return home to post those vacation pictures.Connects Against Crime: Protecting Your Home While On Vacation

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