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Connects Against Crime: Parked Cars Can Cost Money, Compromise Safety

Updated: Friday, May 10 2013, 10:23 AM CDT
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- Space is limited on Clara Hardiman's block, meaning many cars find their way into the streets.

“Space goes fast on the street, it's really a problem when it snows,” Hardiman said.

As a result, vehicles aren't moved for days and the snow makes them easy to spot, prompting a warning from police.

“If you haven't moved your vehicle since the snow storm last week get out and move it because starting next week we're going to be towing vehicles,” said Sgt. Cristy Hamblin with the Cedar Rapids Police Department.

A City Ordinance says all vehicles parked in the street must be moved every 48 hours to avoid a street storage violation. If not, the towing bill adds up.

“If you pick your car up the very first day, you'll be responsible for about 150 dollars,” Hamblin said.

Sgt. Hamblin says the snowed in cars cause problems for street crews and garbage pick-up, and can also render your home a target for thieves.

“They're going to start looking and say hey, that vehicle is there for a long time, maybe the house is empty as well,” Sgt. Hamblin said.

Hardiman says some cheat the system.

“People will just simply rub off the mark that police make on the tire, they'll push the car forward or back a little bit,” Hardiman said.

She says while the law is useful, especially on her crowded block, it could be stricter.

“They can do a three strikes and you're out proposition. 3 tickets and tough, the car is gone,”

Sgt. Hamblin says you have until Monday to clean and move your car. Connects Against Crime: Parked Cars Can Cost Money, Compromise Safety

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