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Connects Against Crime: Online Dating

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:16 PM CDT
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- Everyone is looking for love, but sometimes, not in the best places.

has always had that dark side, no matter if it's on the internet or on
real life,” said local social media expert Lyz Lenz.

Lenz says an initial online spark can quickly turn into stalking, so be careful.

sure who you're adding as a friend or who you're letting access your
life online is also a real person you can vouch for,” Lenz said.

If you find yourself with questions, a quick internet search may help.

“Always Google them, always check them out, always see if you can find backup information,” Lenz said.

Sgt. Lance Miller with Marion police says if you do decide to make that plunge into the online world, be careful.

“A lot of what transpires on the internet are lies,” Sgt. Miller said.

should be especially careful when it comes to where you meet. Sgt.
Miller says one mistake people make is meeting in a private location.
Instead, he says meet in a more public place, like the park or a mall.

You may also want to get a friend involved.

you're going to meet this person and you feel like you're in trouble or
in danger, have a code word you can tell the friend,” Sgt. Miller said.

Ultimately when it comes to online dating, privacy may be your best policy.

“You don't know how someone is going to interpret that information and misuse it,” Lenz said.

says with privacy policies on Facebook changing so often, check the
privacy settings on your Facebook page every two weeks. That way you can
stay up to date on what people can and cannot see.Connects Against Crime: Online Dating

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