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Connects Against Crime: Home Safety

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 11:04 PM CDT
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- It's the common sentiment across the great state of Iowa.

“Everything is usually safe, and you don't worry about it so much,” resident Greta McChesney said.

However, that's anything but guaranteed.

“They think that they should be safe in their homes, which they should…” said Lt. Tobey Harrison with the Cedar Rapids police department.

On our ride along with Lt. Harrison on Thursday, you get an idea of just how vulnerable homeowners make themselves to burglars during the day. Many homeowners left their garage doors open, their doors unlocked, and their hedges too high. Harrison says high hedges can obscure your line of sight, preventing you from seeing approaching thieves.

On our 3 mile drive around the neighborhood, we saw 30 garage doors open, and a countless number of doors unlocked – and those are just the ones we actually saw.

As we approached each home, the goal was to point out what was right.

“You don't have shrubs that are concealing your window from view, great lines of sight,” Lt. Harrison told one resident.

He also pointed out what needed improvement. Residents like McChesney say there have been issues with theft in the area in the past, but her windows and doors were open when we went up for a check.

Today's check may change her habits in the future.

“Making sure my garage door is closed during the day, might look into the window locks, that makes sense,” McChesney said.

Some made the change right away, closing their garage doors as soon as we walked away. It showed that preventing yourself from being a victim is as simple as turning a lock or pressing a button.Connects Against Crime: Home Safety

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