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CBS 2 Connects Against Crime: Cedar Valley Crimestoppers

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:16 PM CDT
WATERLOO, IA (KGAN/KFXA) -- It's not uncommon to see police patrols in downtown Waterloo.

"It's a relatively low crime rate," says Jeff Kurtz.  

However, in other parts of the city, police crime scene tape are far to common.

"If everybody stay as one this town would be okay," says Terry Mabry.

Now a group of local residents spearheaded by Joel Harris and combined with police have come up with a first of a kind plan for the Cedar Valley.  

"This new organization has come about we think because of a need in the community to help solve crimes," says Harris.

Unlike other cities in Iowa, the Cedar Valley has never had a Crimestoppers program.  

"There are other people out there that knows something about a crime that's unsolved and if we can give them some incentive to come forward," Harris said.

The incentive is cash up to one thousand dollars and all an informant would have to do is make an anonymous phone call with information that would lead to an arrest.  

"The Cedar Valley has never had a Crimestoppers, is that surprising?" "You know it's never really something that I gave much thought too," Kurtz said.

But Terry Mabry has thought about it, his nephew Martavious Johnson was shot in early January and still no arrest has been made.  

"The Crimestoppers, it might work, it might not but my thing on it the police just really need to do their job," Mabry said.

Meantime, police say using the public as a resource is a part of that job and they hope Crimestoppers will catch on in the Cedar Valley and that someone out there may have information on Martavious Johnson death. The number is 1-855-300-8477.
CBS 2 Connects Against Crime: Cedar Valley Crimestoppers

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