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Created in the Corridor: Infinity Contact

Updated: Monday, December 30 2013, 08:07 AM CST
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (CBS 2/FOX 28) - Energy, excellence,execution; you can't go anywhere at Infinity Contact without seeing those three words printed on the walls, motivating and reminding
employees of the company's core values Created in the Corridor.

"The execution part of our business is everything we do for our clients so a big part of my responsibility is making sure we're executing daily," says Stephen Griggs who became president of Infinity Contact in 2005.
And by all accounts, he's doing a pretty good job. The company's 260-plus sales professionals in Cedar Rapids have grown annual revenue from $4 million to $22 million in eight years.
They specialize in business-to-business sales and work with clients who support many large manufacturers like General Motors and Honda.
"Each sales manager has a team of about 15-20 sales people with team leads," explains company founder Tom Leidigh as he gives CBS 2's Scott Sanborn a tour of the local facility. It's clear Leidigh is proud of his
employees, attributing Infinity Contact's success to their ownership of the company's learning environment. "There's lots of growth and we have to foster that type of environment to retain our people and give them a chance to advance in their career."

Infinity Contact is not just another call center. During hundreds-of-thousands of customer interactions for their clients every month, the company's sales teams build relationships."So we're providing back to our clients not just how many sales we had on a particular day," explains Griggs, "but why they bought, why they didn't buy, things that our clients don't necessarily know about their customers or prospects."

With roots in the automotive sector, Infinity Contact has since branched into the digital, financial and health care industries and recently opened another center in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Boasts Leidigh, "We started with a team of about 15 people last October and we'll have close to 140 people buy the end of the year in that facility."

Infinity Contact's employees also give back. Last month they collected hundreds of pairs of shoes for a community project, and this month they contributed hundreds of pounds of food for the Freedom From Hunger food drive.

You can learn more about the company by visiting the News Links section of this website. Created in the Corridor: Infinity Contact

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