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Created in the Corridor: Cedar Ridge Vineyards Winery

Updated: Thursday, December 26 2013, 10:17 PM CST

SWISHER, Iowa (CBS 2/FOX 28) - It’s
no secret among Iowans that we like to have a good time.  That’s evidenced, in part, by the roughly
$300 Million worth of distilled spirits that Iowa imports from other states
each year.  It’s a lucrative market that
one man in tapping into with his products created in the corridor.

"My wife and I were having a
discussion about what we wanted retirement to look like for us," said Jeff
Quint, explaining how the idea came about for Cedar Ridge Winery twelve years
ago.  He and Laurie Quint began researching
the fledgling Midwest industry of grape growing, then bought land in the middle
of the corridor (Swisher) and started planting. "But when we got to the
planning stages of the winery,” said Quint, “we were thinking about how can we
differentiate Cedar Ridge?"

The answer, again, lay in some of
the best grain producing soil in the world. "Most distilled spirits are
made from grains, why wouldn't we at least look into the development of a

Cedar Ridge became the first
legal distillery in the state of Iowa since prohibition. And Quint sees growing
exports of what has become his flagship product; Cedar Ridge Bourbon Whiskey.  "We sell a lot of Bourbon in Illinois,
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Missouri.  I think we're going to open up Nebraska, and
we're definitely opening up in California," said Quint.

And now, Cedar Ridge is about to
release Iowa’s first single malt whiskey, another addition to its growing line
of premium wine and spirits.  Production
Manager Kolin Brighton says, "Between our own products and a few custom
labels we do, we make 52 different products."

The staff has been working on the
new single malt for several years, and while promising, Quint says it will take
a while for his micro-distillery to catch up with demand. "We're planning
to release a total of 12 barrels this year,” commented Quint. “In Scotland
they'd make 12 barrels in a shift."

Pre-sales of the single malt are
available online. The actual release happens on May 3, the start of a three day
Single Malt Festival at Cedar Ridge in Swisher.

You can find more information
under News Links on this website.


Created in the Corridor: Cedar Ridge Vineyards Winery

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