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Created In The Corridor

Created In The Corridor

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Created in the Corridor: Blendcard

Updated: Tuesday, June 24 2014, 08:34 AM CDT
NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa (CBS 2/FOX 28) - If you carry several loyalty or rewards cards in your wallet you may be interested in what a local entrepreneur is trying to do; combine dozens of these cards into just one. It's convenience for consumers and marketing for merchants Created in the Corridor. 

Paul Kongshaug left eastern Iowa after college and spent many years in Phoenix, Arizona. But for nearly a decade he had been suffering from panic attacks. Recalls Kongshaug, “We started going down the path of trying to figure out what it was and realized that I had a brain tumor.” Then, immediately after surgery, an epiphany. Paul was never going back to his corporate job. “I quit, I looked for the most exciting, riskiest, most exciting opportunity I could find.” And he found it...with startup companies.  “I just really grew an enormous passion for inventing something and creating it.”

Paul's brainstorm after brain surgery? Blendcard, a single gift, loyalty and rewards card that you register online. That's where you can see all the participating businesses and their incentives to get you in the door.
CBS 2's Scott Sanborn brought his Blendcard to Yotopia in Iowa City and without even making a purchase received a free frozen yogurt. But the card isn't just beneficial for customers. The data Blendcard provides a small business owneris truly valuable. Yotopia founder and owner Veronica Tessler says, “Seeing what people’s spending patterns are, how often they’re coming in, pushing out deals to them if we haven’t seen them in a few weeks, that’s what I’m really excited about.”  Tessler also got excited during Yotopia's 2nd anniversary event in September where Kongshaug launched the new loyalty card. “A lot of people, I think 700 people picked up the Blendcard that day so it was a huge success,” remembers Tessler.

Now, thirty Iowa City businesses are on board along with twenty more joining Blendcard in Cedar Falls. Kongshaug hopes to be in Cedar Rapids by the first of the year and eventually, nationwide. “Everybody is holding this card for a different reason but we’re allowing small businesses to pool together aggregate, enormously valuable data that allows the right businesses to target and find the right customers.”

You can get a free Blendcard at participating businesses or at the Blendcard website.  We have a link in the News Links section of this site. Created in the Corridor: Blendcard

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