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Created In The Corridor

Created In The Corridor

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Created in the Corridor: Backrow Studios

Updated: Monday, December 30 2013, 08:07 AM CST
IOWA CITY, Iowa (CBS 2/FOX 28) - Imagine a couple of college students who launch their entrepreneurial careers when they discover a mathematical formula for picking up women.  If that sounds funny, it's supposed to.  It's the fictional story line of a feature length film starring Hollywood actors, Created in the Corridor.

"The energy that was in the room, it was very magnetic. Everybody there was extremely excited," says Ravi Patel, who describes the atmosphere at the Englert Theatre premier of "The Formula" in Iowa City. "What that did for me, especially, is that it made me realize this is something I want to continue doing."

Patel is the executive producer of the film, written and directed by University of Iowa Cinema grad Joe Clarke who started Backrow Studios three years ago.  CBS 2's Scott Sanborn caught up with the pair during a promotional shoot for the movie which stars Reginald VelJohnson from "Die Hard" and TV's "Family Matters," Brandon Baker from Disney's "Johnny Tsunami" and Sasha Jackson from "Blue Crush 2."

How did this young, Corridor company secure such high profile talent? Explains Clarke, "Our producer, Ravi Patel, said 'Why don't you just give 'em a call, just send them a script,' and I said, 'Dude, you don't know the film industry like me, that's not how it works,' and it turns out, that's exactly how it works."

Comedy is Clarke's bread and butter and "The Formula" is his company's third feature film produced entirely in Iowa."Everything we did was done in Iowa," says Patel. "We love Iowa, we want to continue creating in Iowa,  especially around the Corridor. The people who came in from LA, Brandon, Sasha, Reggie, all those folks, they fell in love with Iowa. Brandon was supposed to be here for 2 weeks, he lived with me for 3 months."

Backrow Studios is taking a number of paths to film distribution, including selling copies on its own."We're putting together a little tour to different college towns around the Midwest," explains Clarke,
"and also we're talking to different sales reps on the coasts to help us take the product to different companies in Hollywood."

"The Formula" along with "The Wedge," one of the company's previous films, will be released on DVD September 4. You can get it through Backrow Studios or Amazon. We have their links on this website under the News Links section.Created in the Corridor: Backrow Studios

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