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CBS 2 has something important to tell you. On Saturday, April 5th we’re upgrading our signal.

When we do, some of you may not be able to receive us right away. There will be outages starting Friday night April 4th to sometime in the morning of Saturday, April 5th for viewers who receive their signal through an antenna.

If you have cable or satellite, the change will be automatic. But if you use an antenna to watch local TV stations, you will need to re-scan the channels on your TV. It’s easy to do and it just takes a couple of minutes. Just use your remote and follow the instructions on your TV screen.

Look for and press the “Menu” button. Some Televisions may have an “Options” or “Home” button instead of menu.

Once in the menu, select “Channel” or “Antenna”.

Then run the “Auto Program” or “Channel Scan” function. This can take several minutes to complete.

Once complete, you will be able to watch CBS 2 immediately.

So on April 5th…if you watch CBS 2 using an antenna…Plan to Re-Scan to get the upgraded CBS 2.

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