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Last Update on October 09, 2015 07:10 GMT


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Selena Gomez has revealed the reason she went into rehab in January 2014 was not for drugs, but for lupus. Gomez tells Billboard she wanted so badly to lash out at the people who suspected she was on drugs but she felt angry for even feeling the need to say it. She says she locked herself away until she was confident and comfortable again. Her lupus is in remission and she says she controls it with "diet, routine and medication," and by having the right friends. Gomez's new album, "Revival," is out today.


MIAMI (AP) -- Selena Gomez generated a lot of buzz for her new album, "Revival," and not because of the new music. Gomez appears nearly nude in the cover shot. Gomez defends that choice by saying she could have had designer clothes and had great hair and makeup for the cover photo, but the album is called "Revival" and the cover is supposed to be as bare as the music. She says she's proud of that shot and it's one of the best pictures she's ever taken. "Revival" is out today.


012-a-15-(Selena Gomez, singer-actress, in AP interview)-"I've ever taken"-Selena Gomez says she hopes people will talk about the music on her "Revival" album and not the nearly-nude photo of her on the cover. (9 Oct 2015)

<<CUT ..012 (10/09/15)>> 00:15 "I've ever taken"

011-a-11-(Selena Gomez, singer-actress, in AP interview)-"album's called Revival"-Selena Gomez says her cover image for her new album had to match the lyrical content. (9 Oct 2015)

<<CUT ..011 (10/09/15)>> 00:11 "album's called Revival"

013-a-11-(Selena Gomez, singer-actress, in AP interview)-"stick to acting"-Selena Gomez says music has dominated her life the past year, but she's still very much an actress. (9 Oct 2015)

<<CUT ..013 (10/09/15)>> 00:11 "stick to acting"


NEW YORK (AP) -- Jennifer Hudson is talking publicly about the 2008 murders of her family for the first time. Hudson tells Glamour magazine it's frustrating for someone who has never had that kind of loss talk to her about it. She wants to say, "Don't even bother, because you know nothing." Hudson's former brother-in-law was convicted of killing her mother, brother and nephew. Hudson says, "You never know how much you can get through until you're going through it." Hudson says the best therapy was having her son, David, and she tells him all the time, "You saved my life." Hudson plays the mother of a girl who is killed by a stray bullet in the upcoming Spike Lee film "Chiraq."


NEW YORK (AP) -- Maybe Nile Rodgers wants Chic (SHEEK) to get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a little bit more this time. He's encouraging visitors on social media to vote for Chic as part of the fan vote. It's the 10th time Chic has been nominated for the Rock Hall, more than any other artist. N.W.A has been nominated for a fourth time, but the group now has the momentum of a hit movie behind them. Deep Purple and The Spinners have each been nominated for a third time. Nine Inch Nails, The Smiths and Yes are other repeat nominees this year. First-time nominees include Janet Jackson, Steve Miller, Chicago, The Cars, Cheap Trick, Los Lobos, Chaka Khan and James Brown's backing band, The J.B.'s. The inductees will be announced in December. The Rock Hall inductions are set for April in New York.


005-w-32-(Margie Szaroleta (zar-oh-LEH'-tah), AP music correspondent, with music)--The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced the acts nominated for induction for next year's class. AP Music Correspondent Margie Szaroleta reports. ((opens with music)) (9 Oct 2015)

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006-r-49-(Excerpt of Rock and Roll Hall of fame nominees Chic (SHEEK), performing "Le Freak")--Excerpt of Rock and Roll Hall of fame nominees Chic, performing "Le Freak." (9 Oct 2015)

<<CUT ..006 (10/09/15)>> 00:49

007-r-50-(Excerpt of Rock and Roll Hall of fame nominees Steve Miller Band, performing "Fly Like An Eagle")--Excerpt of Rock and Roll Hall of fame nominees Steve Miller Band, performing "Fly Like An Eagle." (9 Oct 2015)

<<CUT ..007 (10/09/15)>> 00:50

008-r-48-(Excerpt of Rock and Roll Hall of fame nominees Los Lobos, performing "La Bamba")--Excerpt of Rock and Roll Hall of fame nominees Los Lobos, performing "La Bamba." (9 Oct 2015)

<<CUT ..008 (10/09/15)>> 00:48


MARYSVILLE, Ohio (AP) -- Melissa Etheridge was so impressed with a video that female inmates made of her song that she went to the prison to sing for them. The Columbus Dispatch reports Etheridge performed for about 2,300 inmates at the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville, Ohio, on Wednesday. Inmates in an addiction-recovery group had made a video of themselves singing Etheridge's song, "A Little Bit Of Me." Etheridge invited the members of the group to sing it with her. She later visited their dormitory, left her autographed handprints in paint on the wall and encouraged the inmates to contact her when they're released.


NASHVILLE (AP) -- Scotty McCreery is writing an inspirational book based on his life. McCreery says his autobiography will be called, "Go Big Or Go Home: The Journey Toward The Dream." It will discuss his life growing up in North Carolina, his win at age 17 on "American Idol" and his career in music. It comes out May 3. McCreery turns 22 today.

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